TM® Style Swivel - 90°


TM® swivel joints are manufactured and engineered to exacting specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing this product to ensure the purchaser a quality, dependable swivel with a longer life and less downtime than competitive models.

Advantages of the TM® Style Swivel - 

The Housings are a PLATED steel investment cast for a longer life.

The Gland Nuts are PLATED & Heat Treated for longer wear.

The Rotary Sleeve is PLATED & Heat Treated for longer wear and milled with (2) flat areas that are machined on the rotary sleeve for wrench-tightening.

The Backup Ring is Nickel plated to prevent rust.

Zerk Fittings are installed to lubrication for longer wear.

Internal replacement parts are available.


For more product options, please see our Parts List Sheet.