Tyger Tail Hose – Standard Lengths


Tyger Tail® hoses are used to protect sewer cleaning hose and to guide hose through rough manholes and pipe edges of the transitioning pipe.  Tyger Tail® hoses are offered in standard 2" x 36" and 3" x 36" lengths and include a 24' poly rope with a looped end for easy grip.

This rope is attached to the Tyger Tail® hose clamp to make installation and removal from manholes easier.  Tyger Tail® hoses stay flexible in sub-zero temperatures and tolerate high temperatures as well.

Many uses for the Tyger Tail® hose include -

  • Liquid or material suction from machine to machine
  • Liquid transfer from truck to depot
  • Liquid transfer from vat to tank
  • Construction and excavation
  • Protection for sewer cleaning hose
  • Protection for televising tv cable

For more product options, please see our Parts List Sheet.